At Oxygen Church Media, we're passionate about providing you with tools to significantly increase the effectiveness of your ministry. We believe that visual imagery impacts people in powerful ways and that our Scripture-inspired images and backgrounds offer greater opportunities for people to become immersed in your message.

Our goal is to provide Christian PowerPoint backgrounds and images for churches and evangelists looking to use multimedia more effectively. Our biblically inspired graphics, motion backgrounds and worship backgrounds are simple and easy-to-use.

Each sermon or worship CD is filled with different Christian themes. We have traditional images of Jesus Christ, Prophesy, the crucifixion, the cross, and many bible stories. Our Christian Power Point products also offer contemporary graphics themed around modern worship and sermon presentation.

Our Christian images are more than simply Christian clip art, it's an entire system of high quality graphics designed to help your church use worship backgrounds and christian Power Point more effectively. Each CD-ROM comes loaded with PowerPoint backgrounds, sermon and worship slides, and unique religious images.

Although Oxygen’s Christian PowerPoint resources are for visual sermon illustrations year round, we also carry seasonal products such as Easter PowerPoint and Christmas PowerPoint editions loaded with season specific Christian backgrounds that will inspire your church congregation during the holidays.

We also carry motion backgrounds and worship videos that will help enhance your message or evangelism series. These are amazing PowerPoint graphics. Don't just use Christian clipart. Oxygen Christian Power Point will help you breathe life into your sermon and worship.

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